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42-44 North Street, Bedminster, BS3 1 HW
Telephone: 07521219500

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Callum started his tattooing journey back in 2020 after being introduced to the art form through stick & poke, later moving onto machine as his confidence grew. He began practicing on his own skin, learning through online resources & trusted friends who are in the industry to help him develop his own tattooing style.

Having been born in Poole & spending his early childhood in Bournemouth, he moved to Bristol when he was 12 & fell in love with the city, people & the community of local creatives. He’s worked as a speciality barista since for 10 years & is finally ready to hang up his apron and pick up his machine.

Callum has always been pulled towards having a creative output in the world, being an avid drawer & illustrator he has furthered his own knowledge through self-study & sheer passion for his craft.

Having started his apprenticeship at Stush Tattoos in 2021, Callum has worked alongside experienced artists such as Bob Leech, who have helped him to build strong foundations & portfolio to continue to grow in his chosen profession.

Callum likes to think of his work as lazy illustrations, loosely drawn references from the world around him. He loves to engage with his direct environment, sketching what he can see & adjusting into a style more fitting for tattooing.
He has a love for all things blackwork & ignorant style, with influences from traditional Japanese to tradition American.

Callum’s whole philosophy on his craft of tattooing stems from how old the practice is, dating back several thousands of years humans have been making markings on their skin. It’s such an integral part to human existence that he feels honored to be able to continue this ancient practice of impermanent permanence.



Am over the moon with the experience I had at stush tattoo shop, I got a tattoo from Callum, not only am I happy with my tattoo but how he went the extra step to make me feel welcome and comfortable whilst I was there, even offered me a coffee, 100% would recommend going there for a tattoo, cant wait for my next appointment

~ dan dobroczynski,