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FAQ Page

How Do I Book A Tattoo Appointment?

While you are always welcome to contact us using the details on this website or through our Instagram, we do advise checking through our artists’ portfolios and their social media pages to find the perfect artists for your specific artwork or piercing. Feel free to contact us directly if you are unsure of who is best for you, otherwise please contact your chosen artist directly through their specified means (usually Instragram DM).

Do Tattoos Hurt?

The simple answer to this question is, yes, it does. However, not usually as much as people are lead to believe and especially not so for smaller tattoos. Mostly, a machine tattoo will feel like little catch scratches (not bad ones either). Stick & Poke tattoos are relatively pain free, more like small stabs with a blunt pin needle. However, the level of pain you experience really differentiates from person to person and does depend on a few variables such as the positioning of the tattoo: tattoos on legs and arms tend to hurt a lot less than those on rib cages or necks. The size of the tattoo and length of your tattoo session will also dictate how much pain you might feel. For longer sessions the pain tends to increase after a couple of hours as your natural pain relief wears off. Another factor to consider would be the amount of shading your chosen artwork requires, shading and techniques which require the needle to pass over the skin more than a couple times does increase the pain experienced significantly. While the use of blood thinning and anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen MUST NOT be taken before your tattoo session, if you are prone to experiencing pain, we would recommend taking a few paracetamol on arrival for your session. Some tattoo artists are happy to use numbing creams, please do let your tattoo artist know in advance if you would like to do this, but it must be mentioned that some artists are very much apposed to the use of these creams as they believe it impacts on the quality of the tattoo. Each artist is different, so please have this conversation when booking your tattoo. For longer sessions, we also recommend consumption of high sugar sweets and drinks to help you with any light-headedness you may experience. We are based on a high street and have loads of food options and corner shops in close proximity. Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats are all available for delivery to the shop too.

How Long Will My Tattoo Take?

This really isn’t an easy question to answer and is best to be discussed with your chosen artist when enquiring about your specific design. There are so many variables that contribute to the time it takes to complete a tattoo: the artist themselves, how detailed the design is, the size of the artwork and placement on the body to name just a few. A black  piece the size of the average palm, placed on the forearm could take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the detail of the design and the condition of your skin. It really does vary that much.

How Much Will My Tattoo Cost?

Another difficult question to answer as this does depend on so many things: the size and detail of the artwork, the skill level of your chosen artist (the more senior and experienced, the more you will pay), the placement of your tattoo: trickier places take more time, and therefore tend to cost more. Most artists work on either an hourly, half day or full day rate. Junior artists can charge anywhere from £60 per hour, where as a senior artist can charge anywhere upwards of £750 for a full day session. As always we recommend sending as much detail as possible to your chosen artist to get the most accurate cost estimate.

What To Do Before Your Tattoo Session?

It is important that you come as prepared as possible for your tattoo to ensure all runs smoothly and that you have the best experience possible. Please make sure to avoid alcohol and blood thinning medication for at least 24hrs before your tattoo. Our artists reserve the right to cancel your appointment should you be intoxicated or are found to have taken medication that may cause excessive bleeding. We always recommend bringing food and drinks for longer sessions and candy for any tattoo or piercing you may be having. Sugar really helps when our clients feel whoozy or light-headed. But don’t fear, we keep sweets available at all times so please ask if you have forgotten and begin to feel the need for some sugar. Obviously, it is recommended you come showered and cleaned to ensure the area is free of bacteria and protected from infection. We keep ourselves, our equipment and our studio clean so please help us by arriving clean and prepared for your tattoo or piercing too.

Please consider your clothing for both the tattoo session and going home afterwards. Tattoo ink stains and is likely to get on your clothing. Do not wear anything you are precious about! Please ensure your chosen area is easily exposed and material can be moved far away from the area. A fresh tattoo is prone to infection and clothing carries high levels of bacteria. Please ensure you can leave without your new tattoo being suffocated by materials and exposed to bacteria.

After Care

Each artist has their own specific regime for taking care of your tattoos and you will be advised of this when leaving our studio once your tattoo has been completed. The artist will likely wrap your tattoo in cling film or second skin and advise you to keep this on for a few hours before going home and washing your tattoo for the first time and applying  their recommend after care moisturiser. All artist will advise you to avoid soaking your tattoo in water for the next 3 weeks: all bathing, hot tubbing or swimming should be avoided over this period. Avoiding exposure to direct sunlight for at least two weeks is essential. However, your skin will always be more prone to sun damage in this area, and exposure to sunlight will impact the quality of you tattoo for its lifetime. Sunblock and complete covering from UVA/B, although not always possible, is an ongoing recommendation.

Age Requirements for Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoo Age Requirements:

In the UK, it is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent. You will be required to sign a waiver on the day of your appointment and if our artists believe you may be under the age of 18, they will ask for photo ID. Please remember to bring this to your appointment. No ID. No Tattoo.


Piercing Age Requirements:

Although there are no legal age. guidelines around piercings in the UK, we do leave this to our piercers discretion. All piercing are done by needle at our studio and therefore, the lower limit for ear piercings is 10 years old with parental supervision. Belly button, nose piercings and other facial piercings are 16 years with parental consent. Genitalia. and tongue piercings are 18 years of age.

Tattoo Deposits

In order to book an appointment with your chosen artist, you will need to put down a non-refundable deposit. How much depends on the design of your tattoo and the length of your session and is left to the artist’s discretion.

Why do we take deposits:

Deposits are necessary to protect protect the artist against no-shows and to cover design and consultation time in the event the appointment is cancelled or the original design work is changed.

The deposit is deducted from the final cost of the tattoo on the day that it is completed, unless there is a less than 3 day reschedule, a cancelation (at any time), a no-show, or if you are more than 20 minutes late to your appointment. In those cases, the deposit will be forfeit to pay for the artist’s time. Since deposits are non-refundable they are not refunded at any point regardless of when an appointment is canceled. We’ll need a new deposit to reschedule your appointment.

  • If  there is a need to reschedule, the artist would prefer to schedule someone else in that opening. If they only have a day or two to book it, it’s usually not possible as most of their clients are likely to be busy. Having at least three days to go through their waiting lists or contact clients gives them a little more time for planning.
  • If the appointment opening isn’t booked due to lack of time or someone not showing up, it leaves them with hours of time that should have been working time. Since they only get paid when they are tattooing they lose out on  any chance of income during that time. This can be a missed opportunity of anywhere from £100 of lost income and up (depending on their hourly rate and the percentage that the artists pay to the shop.). As you can see, the deposit usually doesn’t cover all of the income they would have made that day, but it helps a little.
  • If the appointment is simply canceled and not rescheduled they need to get paid for the time they spent consulting in person or through email/texts/DMs/etc and designing artwork. If the tattoo is never done then they have spent that time without any compensation.
  • Since the artists are independent contractors, they are not paid an hourly wage, they only earn when they have clients. If they come in and then find that their appointment was canceled when they arrive, they are out the income that they would have made that day.

You may lose your non-refundable deposit if; 

  • You don’t show up for your appointment.
  • If you cancel your appointment (at any time).
  • You don’t give us at least 3 days notice to reschedule an appointment
  • You are more than 20 minutes late for your appointment (PLEASE call even if you are going to be one minute late to let us know you are on your way.)
  • You show up, but you have decided to get a different tattoo than what was previously discussed. This will forfeit your tattoo deposit (You can always change your mind! We will never make you get a tattoo, but this will cause the scheduled appointment to become or include time for a consultation which means the artist is no longer getting paid for their time. They need to get paid for their time so you’ll need to leave another deposit.)
  • You show up with a minor child. We can’t have unattended children in the studio and you’ll be busy and unable to move while you’re getting the tattoo. A tattoo studio is not a child-friendly environment.

Should you be sick on the day or days before your appointment or have a serious personal issue and need to reschedule, please give the artist a call with as much notice as possible and to discuss your deposit. Obviously, we do understand that sometimes things aren’t always straight forward and we do try to be flexible.


What tattoo styles do your artists offer?

For more information on different tattoo styles, please visit our tattoo information page. For artist portfolios, please visit our artist page.

What piercings do you offer?

For more information on the different piercings our artists offer, please visit our piericing information page. For more information on our piercers and to see their portfolios, please visit our tattoo and piercing artists page.

Do piercings hurt?

We have provided an in-depth information page on the different piercings our artists offer as well as what level of pain you can experience from each and the healing time you can expect for each different piercing. Visit our piercing page for more info.

Our location & further info

We are location at 42-44 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS31HW. This is a thriving area in Bristol with roads of independent shop, restaurants and pubs in close proximity to Clifton, the city centre and Templemeads train station. We are easily accessible by bus from most parts of Bristol.

For quick snack and drinks, we have. a corner shop two shops down from the studio. Tesco, Coop and Wilkos are all within 5 minutes walking distance. UberEats, Deliveroo and JustEat deliver to our studio from the most sought after restaurants across Bristol. You will never go hungry during a long tattoo session.

There is plenty of on-street parking around the shop. However, many of the side streets are permit only and the main road is charged parking: you can use coins and RingGo to pay for parking. There are also parking areas within walking distance of the studio. If you plan ahead, you will be able to find free parking within walking distance. Just don’t be late for your appointment.