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Growing up in Dubai, where tattooing is illegal, Tilly moved to Bristol to openly pursue her tattooing career. Her fascination with tattoos and body modifications began at a young age, when she first noticed people who stood out through their unique ink and piercings. Tilly was intrigued by the way these individuals expressed themselves through their body art, and she knew that she wanted to do the same.

At the age of 15, Tilly got her first tattoo down her spine. Seeing the artists at work in the studio filled her with excitement, and she realized that tattooing was the career for her. She began learning the craft at 16 with an artist in Dubai, who taught her everything she needed to know to start her dream career. Before she knew it, she was tattooing her dad’s skin.

Through her experiences in the industry, Tilly discovered the tattooing style that she is most passionate about: minimal black line work. As an artist who has always been obsessed with patchwork tattoos, this style is a perfect fit for her. She loves it when clients bring their own doodle art or flash tattoos to her, as it allows her to create unique and personalized pieces of art. Tilly believes that tattoos are for everyone, and there are countless styles, colours, and inspirations available for each person’s personal preference.

To Tilly, tattoos are a beautiful art form that lasts a lifetime. While this can be scary to some, she sees it as a positive thing, as it means that the tattoo will follow the individual through their life. She believes that meaningful tattoos stay meaningful, and artistic tattoos stay artistic, which is why she appreciates the art of tattoos so much. Once a tattoo is inked, it remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime and only adapts as the skin changes.



Tilly did my tattoo (@tillys.tattoos) she was so lovey and amazing, very welcoming and made me feel comfortable. By far my favourite tattoo I’ve got, I will definitely be going back for another one! ❤️xxx

~ Paige Hazzard,

I recently had my first tattoo done by Tilly and she is one of the loveliest people I’ve met! I was very nervous at first but she instantly made me feel so calm and comfortable. She took time tweaking my design to make it perfect for my vision, showed me a range of sizes and she was happy for us to try a few different placements to make sure the tattoo was exactly where I wanted. She took time to talk me through the process and answer my questions and did not rush through anything. We had a lovely chat whilst she was tattooing me which really helped me relax, and she regularly checked in I was OK. She also thoroughly spoke through the aftercare advice which was really helpful. And of course the tattoo itself is beautiful. I could not recommend her enough! Thank you so much Tilly for making my first tattoo experience so great!😊

~ Charley Bryson,

Couldn’t recommend Tilly enough!! She’s absolutely amazing, fast, and comforting. I was initially a bit off put getting more tats as the ones I had already done were very painful and didn’t come out or heal well. But since finding Tilly, I’ve already had 2 tattoos done by her in a span of a month and Im excited to get more as both were painless and came out perfectly! Super talented and sweet, thank you Tilly💗

~ Noorhan K,

I had my first ever professional tattoo done by Tilly and I couldn’t be happier! I felt very comfortable and Tilly did an amazing job covering up my old stick and poke exactly how I wanted it. Really nice studio as well, 100% recommend!

~ Kaylyn M,

I have now had two Tattoos with Tilly (@tillys.tattoos), my experience has been nothing short of amazing. Her patients with working with my ideas, alongside her skills as an artist, means that my experience has been thoroughly enjoyable. I plan to go back to Tilly for all of my future tattoos as she is an extremely reliable artist. If you’re looking for a trustworthy talented artist look no further. Thank you Tilly! I look forward to seeing you soon 😊.

~ Fran Funnell,

I had my very 1st tattoo done by Tilly nearly a week ago. Tilly is super welcoming & she has a really calm aura which made me feel really relaxed when first meeting her, she also is very reassuring as I was quite nervous! The tattoo studio was bright & very clean. The whole process from when I started messaging her & getting a date in the diary, to paying was so easy, she replies to messages really quick. She’s really professional & is happy to reply with any questions or queries. She was happy to send me the aftercare info being it was my first tattoo. I am so so happy I went to Tilly to get my 1st tattoo, which I love! I will definitely be back very soon to get more work done with her! Thank you 😊

~ Laura Davidson,

Such a wonderful experience getting tattooed by Tilly! Absolutely adore my tattoo, in which she picked a perfect placement for and designed exactly to my wishes. Super talented, couldn’t recommend her more. Also a lovely open tattoo parlour that is super welcoming by all staff. Can’t wait for my next visit! ❤️

~ Jade Pragnell,

I was recently tattooed by Tilly (@tillys.tattoos) and she was great! She took my ideas and created a beautiful custom tattoo that was exactly what I asked for. The fact that she was able to create such delicate line work is really impressive! Tilly was also lovely and professional throughout, I’d really recommend working with her. The studio itself is very clean, airy and all the staff were friendly and welcoming. My tattoo is healing well and I’ll definitely be returning for another one soon 🖤

~ Lauren Ellis,