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42-44 North Street, Bedminster, BS3 1 HW
Telephone: 07521219500

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Tula comes from a very small town based in Wells, Somerset where she spent many of her younger years in foster care. One of my carers was a tattooists and this is where she first fell in love with tattooing and has been fascinated by the art ever since.

Tula started working at a local studio at 16 for work experience and was there for two years. Tula later moved to Nottingham to continue tattooing. before moving back home where she tattooed on family and friends before starting her dream job at Stush where she has been a much valued member of the team for over a year.

Tula has always loved Japanese and Medieval art work and this shows through her tattoo designs and paintings. She also specialise in traditional and old school tattoos, and love expressing her unique style through her art and tattoo work.









was tattooed by Tula recently and was welcomed into a lovely environment with amazing artists! extremely happy with how my tattoo turned out and with the welcoming experience i had :))

~ kit blackman,

Got tattooed by Tula today,, she's the sweetest person and made me feel so comfy. The shop is clean and the other artists all seemed very friendly too. The whole process was a pleasure and I'll definitely be back again 🙂

~ Aaren Lassauzet,

Absolutely loved my experience of getting tattooed here by Tula. It was such a lovely atmosphere in the studio, with plenty of tea and wonderful chats. I absolutely love my piece too, it healed beautifully and now is my absolute fav.

~ Georgia White,

I got 3 fine line pieces by the lovely Tula. It was a very pleasant experience, with a very friendly atmosphere. Tula is super patient, very gentle & is very thorough when going through aftercare! Absolutely loved getting my tattoos here & would highly recommend, I’ll definitely be back!

~ Nicole Hendy,

Tula gave me the most beautiful Eagle Stingray tattoo! I absolutely love it. Having not had a tattoo for over 30 years, I was pretty nervous, but Tula totally put me at ease and it was completely manageable. As a woman, I felt that the environment was totally welcoming and safe, exactly what you want when having a tattoo done! Fully recommend Stush and Tula.

~ lara jeffries,

Wonderful experience with Tula. Came in spontaneously with friends and designed beautiful tattoos on the spot. Tula drew incredible styles for us, was flexible and open but also came with great ideas that inspired us. I’ve never come up with a tattoo so quickly and smoothly. Thank you!

~ Lisa Åkesson,